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SMT Montercarlo Supplies for beauty distributors

Get the best brands

We distribute several well-known solid brands of proven quality..

Almost 30 years of experience on the market

In November 1992 the SMT Monte-Carlo trajectory began and today we are a solid reality on the market.

From the factory to your shop directly

We currently supply 31 countries between Europe and Africa. We forge solid ongoing partnerships with experienced distributors. We give priority to Made in Italy for the high quality.

SMT Monte-Carlo

We are a company specialized in the production and distribution of professional products for personal care and beauty.

Some brands we work with

logo Divage

Divage Make-up
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logo Luxury Nails

Luxury Nail Art
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logo Hair Company

Hair Company Professional
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logo Premax

Premax Professional Tools
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logo Ing

ING Easy For You
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logo Elchim

Elchim Milano
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logo Restase

Reastase Hair removal
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logo MYF

MYF My Fragrance Milano
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logo Axover

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About Us

Stefano magnino

Stefano Magnino

| Ceo - Founder & Sales Director France and Belgium

Stefano Magnino founded SM Trading Monte-Carlo in 1992, certain that this would have been the right choice.
Developing the cosmetics market in France and Benelux was a real challenge!
He surrounded himself with valuable people and thus created a winning team leading to success.
Over the years, he has built many successful partnerships with distributors in the sector.
SMT Monte-Carlo is not geographically limited in the distribution of its products.
Stefano relies on Made in Italy to always guarantee high quality.

Our Team

Sara Merlo Aesthetics Technician

Sara Merlo

| Aesthetics Technician

She, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetics, is our product technician. She trains and advises our clients on the use of our beauty products.

Rohon Victoire Biegny Sales Agent

Rohon Victoire Biegny

| Sales Agent

President of CONAPAPECI, she takes care of commercial relations in West Africa

Thierry Arhant Sales Agent

Thierry Arhant

| Sales Agent

Sales agent, he is in charge of customers in the North Zone of France and Belgium.
Thierry has more than 15 years of experience in the world of hairdressing.

Elena Magnino Manager

Elena Magnino

| Manager

Elena works closely with her father.